9 Oct 2015

My Best Friend


    Every people in the world usually have friends.To find friends mostly very easy but to find a best friend so hardly. Because friends already there with us when we pleased but more different with our good friend,he is with us when we are happy or in trouble.This is usually a good friend just had a little number.In 1000 friends,there are only one from them is will be with us every time even in happy or trouble.If we want to find them,we can find out when we in trouble.In this time only a true friend will help us.

     Same with other people,I am also have a best friend.His name is Aiman Haiqal Bin Abdul Samad.He is 18 years old.He came from Grik,Perak.He is second in his siblings from four.He studying at Kolej Poly-Tech Mara in Kuantan same like me.He also take a same course with me namely Human Resource Management.I think he is my best friend because he always with me in all situation especially when I am in trouble.He was always there for me when I had trouble.He also never complained when I ask for help from him.

    If there have a people who have crying when looks we crying and they also have happy when looks we feel happy,they are a true friend.For find them is hardly,so when we meet them,we must appreciate them. I remember when I did not have money to eat,he will borrow his money to me.He also always take care about me.
He always remembers me every time he wanted to eat and he will wait for me until I am free just want to eat together with him.I feel very lucky to have friends like him.

      After that,when I am in trouble he will help me to find a solution for settle that problem.He was also a good listener,he always listen to me when I story to him about my trouble.After that he will give me an advice to solve my problem.He also told me that he do not like me in trouble.Cause of that he will help me to solve my problem.He also invites me to do what is right and forbid me to do things I should not do.When he in happy,he never forget about me,he will took me to will be happy same with him.

     Lastly,even we are different class and room that is not a trouble for us to spending time together.We will find time to spend time together.We also study together even we are different classes. Most events cannot be forgotten is that when I go out and I forgot to invite him to eat with me once but he still waiting for me in the hostel because I had told him to wait for me to see him before it was to go eat together.At that time,i feeling very guilty to him😔.After that i said sorry to him and he just forgive me so easily.

   In Conclusion, we must appreciate the friends who like it as it is not easy to meet people who are like them and they are also the one in which we have a thousand friends.


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