9 Oct 2015


Ahmad Zulfaqar Bin Kamisran

       Majority people in the world who have a pet.Pet is animal that we take care with love for our income or just for companion in our lives.Selections to choose a pet is based on our compatibility with animals.Example of animal that can be our pet is cat, dog, bird and fish.At home,I have a fish.I make that fish as my pet.My pet is 'Ikan Puyu'.

    Its name is Tompok.I gave thats name to it cause at its body that have a patches. I discovered Tompok when I crawled di "Sungai Bangan".At that time when i crawled,and after i pull up the nets and I saw Tompok in my nets,so I took Tompok back home because Tompok looks so beautiful at that time and I put Tompok in my aquarium.

       Every day I will find a some of worms in my garden to make a food to Tompok.in weekly,I will put out Tompok to cleaning a aquarium cleanly..I put a beautiful stone in the aquarium to looks more beautiful.I also make a house of Tompok from wood to make its live happily in that aquarium and want its comfortable with its residence.

         There some experience that always cannot I forget. One years ago, my family and I already sleep in midnight.At that time,two thieves tried to break into our house.At that time Tompok making a lot of noise and my father and I was woke up. My father went looking for hockey stick while I go wake up my little brother.After that my father and I go towards the that thieves and hit them use hockey sticks until they both passed out and then my father asked my brother for ask a help from our neighbors.At that time,my family and i more love to Tompok because its already be our hero.

    Now,i already studies at Kolej Poly Tech Mara in Kuantan.So,i cannot to take care about Tompok.So,i told to my brother to take care about Tompok until I am finished my studied and continue to take care of Tompok.


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