9 Oct 2015

My Brother and Sister

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     Siblings is one of the important person in our life. We will feel lonely and something missing in our life if they are not with us. Siblings are the person that always love you, annoy you, and fight with you. Let me share with you about my siblings.

     I have 3 siblings including me. I am the second daughter. I have two sister, the eldest and the youngest. I don't have a brother. My eldest sister name Nurain Ruzkina. She is 22 years old and study at Sabah. My younger sister name is Nur Az-zahra Ruzkina. She is 14 years old and still study in high school.

     My eldest sister is a strict person. She will scold and give a punishment if we done wrong. She is also a never give up in what she do. She will tried her best to make me happy. While for my younger sister, she is the naughty daughter. She will make sure she get what she want. Because she is the youngest, me and my sister must treat her very well.

     As a sister, we always fighting. But it will not be in a long time. For me, fighting can make us more close and understand each other. We share the same hobby which is shopping. We always go shopping together to release tension. If we have  a free timeor we are in holidays, we will cook together for our parent. For me I am the luckiest girl in the world because I am endowed with a great sister.

     I hope as a sister or brother, we must take care of the relationship. Because it is the best and blessed relationship ever and nobody can replace them.

With my eldest sister

With my youngest sister

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