9 Oct 2015

My Best Friend

Nurul Huda Binti Mohd Jaaffril
PTM 150709827

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! As we all know, friendship is very important for everyone, especially me. Friendship is one of the precious gifts of god that we should be thankful. Since I was in Primary School, I do not have any best friends. In class, some of them always bullying me until I went to secondary school and I have met many friends. We get to know each other and I am also has my own best friends. Her name is Iffah. She is very beautiful, lovely and such understanding person. After 2 years being my best friend, I had to transfer to another school at Perlis because family matters. I really sad but I had to go. Eventually, we are not closely anymore because she had another best friend.

In addition, on my new school in Perlis, I try to find my new best friend just like Iffah but I am totally failed it. When SPM is getting closer, I more focused to study and do not any time to find a best friend. At the end of SPM, I got a letter from PLKN and I had to join it. Actually, I do not want to go but my father persuades me to go and to find a new best friends. Over there, I got many friends that very friendly and I got best friends that name Mashi, Aisyah and Amira. I thought that I got only one best friend but more! They had many characters that made us be best friends.

 We always do the craziest thing that can make me happy and always make me laugh. It is really amazing. In addition, they are also a compassionate friend, who always helps other buddies when they have problem. They always care especially me. They also respect each other. I am very comfortable and lucky friends with them. Lastly, at the end of PLKN, we all promises that would not forget and keep contacting each other. After one month we separated, we all decided to meet again. The people was right when they said having a goog friend to count on when life goes right and when life goes wrong is the key ingredient to happiness in life.
My best friend in PLKN

my old best friend named Iffah


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