9 Oct 2015




            I am an animal lover, I was a keeper of the animal. Among the animals that I like is the cats, rabbits, hamsters, birds, tigers, lions, and horses. My pet is a cat. The most pampered pet is a cat. My cat named "Orange". I called his name because his fur colour orange. Orange is so pampered with me.

            Firstly, my father brought  Orange in home. I was very surprise because the Orange is too cute. I'am vey pleased to see the Orange. I feel really pity because the body Orange is too thin. So, I decided to keep the Orange. I keep Orange with love. I happy when I see the Orange growing and increasingly dense fur and healty.

            A few days later, the Orange is gone and not coming home. I was deeply worried and look for Orange in a home environment. However, still do not see an Orange. Next morning, I kept looking for the loss of an Orange. Next in a large drain. I was relieved to see Orange was not injured and I bring Orange back home.

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