9 Oct 2015

My Best Friend

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     Best friend. How many people can freely use that term, how many have experienced that particular kind of love. People that you always get along with. For this time, I want to share with you about my best friends.

     I have four best friends. Their name is Ika, Lily, Shahira and Iera. When I was in high school, I have meet Ika, Lily and Shahira. I get to know them in form 2. Until now, we became a best friends even we are far away. In college, I have one best friend name Iera. I get to know Iera when in a orientation week. She is my roommate and also my classmate. How lucky I am ! When I am with my best friends, I like to spend a lovely and quality time together. I like to go to beach and have a picnic with them. We also go to shopping together. We like to bought a same things. We will celebrate a birthday together every year and I never felt bored about it. We share and do a same hobby together. Like Iera and I, we always together doing  things like go to class, eating and do an assignment.

     I think I am so lucky, because I have a best friends that I can share a happy, crazy and sad moments together. They are like my own family that I need in my life. They are pretty and have a big heart. Even we are best friends, sometimes misunderstanding and fight happened. That are the biggest challenges that we need to face. But, we can handle it in the right ways and we never fights in along time. Until now, we are still be a best friends. We always contact each other by using a Whatsapp, Facebook, E-mail, and video call. I hope this friendship is never end and I want to see all of my best friends become a successful person one day.

     So, as a human, we must need a best friends that can share a happiness and sadness together. As a best friends, we must appreciate our friends by showing our love to them and said thank you for being together and become one of the important person in your life.


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