9 Oct 2015




               I have a dream,  my dream is that if I were a superhero. I always dreamed of when I was a superhero. I have a huge collection of superhero. Among them are superhero Superman. Why I chose superhero Superman?. Because I like the way he delivers. If I were a superhero what would I do?

              If I were a superhero what would I do is a mission to save the country. I'll do is cacth the criminal who doing chaotic. For example, catching criminals who kidnap people like. And I wiill save those who are in distsress. In addition, the mission is not only a superhero to save the coutry. A superhero should also ensure and maintain peace in the coutry.

              Lastly, that is dream about when I was a superhero someday. That is my mission if I became a superhero. Save and preserve national security is the most important mission for me if I were a superhero. The mission of helping people in distress is my priority as a superhero.

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