9 Oct 2015


Nurul Huda Binti Mohd Jaaffril
PTM 150709827

Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone! I would like to share about Pets. I bet many of you loved animal’s right? There are many pets that we can keep such as rabbit, cat, birds and otherwise because these animals are beautiful to look at. Besides that, these animals also can be your friends and consider these pet a part of your families even they cannot speak together with you.

In addition, I also wanted to share the story about my family’s pet. We choose cat as our pet. Our cat named is Nelly. Nelly is Persian cat. My friends give to my mother because she obsessed of cat. My siblings rarely back home so that my mother felt lonely. Since Nelly was there, my mother is not lonely anymore and she consider as her child. 

My mother always gives Nelly feed, bathe also give comfortable bed. Nelly also wore shirt that my mother bought it. My siblings also loved Nelly especially my brother. Nelly very closed and always played with him. Actually, I also loved cat but I had allergic with Nelly`s fur. If I hold or played with Nelly, my skin would itch, pink reddish and swollen eyes. I still remembered when I tried to take a picture with Nelly and Nelly does not want it. I think Nelly does not like either and I do not mind with that because Nelly is very cute.

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