9 Oct 2015

If I am a Super hero

ID NUMBER : PTM150709804

     When we are children, we always imagined about being a super hero. Our life surrounded by a cartoon about super hero. Such as Superman, Batman and Spiderman. Even as a teenager I think everyone at some time fantasized about being one. I know, I have it.

     If I am a super hero I want to have a power to help people. One power be able to rescue people. I would also like to cure diseases like cancer, aids and many more. I don't have think strength will matter, just heart. I also would like to have the ability of making people smile. I know this power is not rare, but it is wonderful give to have. Smile can only benefit someone whether you wear it yourself or helping them find theirs.

4-year-old superhero    I also want a power that can make me fly. So I don't have to stuck in traffic jammed. If I have ability to fly, I can help people just in a minute. I also could go on vacation without having to spend money on a plane ticket. Last, I could fly high in the sky with birds.

     Next, I want to save stray animals around the world. I would give them food and shelter. I also would eliminate the criminals and give them a lesson for not do a crime again. There are many things that I can do if I being a super hero. I hope my fantasy can be true. I hope so. 


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