18 Aug 2015

Money is the root of all evil

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What is money? I bet that everyone knows “money” very well. Money helps many people in buying and selling. Nowadays,money are needed  much. Some of people think, if they don’t have money,they can’t live happily. For them,money are 'almighty dollar'. Universally,acknowledge that we have all need money to live and survive. However,there are those who think that the money is the root of evil.

My opinion for money is the root of evil is money cause people change. First,this situation we can looks when people will able to do anything to get money. For example,we can see when robbery was happen. Maybe they having financial problems. So, to settle their problems, they will find any wayto solve that problems even they must conduct criminal matters such as rob,steal,groped pocket and killing purely to get some money.

 Material problems are due to have an unmanagable financial problems. If financial problems occuring in the family instituation financial, will necessarily cause problems at home. Husband and wife will offen quarrel because often short of money to pay rent, bills, buy daily necessities and so on and so can ultimately lead to divorce. Example, divorce cases in Malaysian had increased every year because of the financial problems that are not strong.

Attitudes wasteful spending can be defined as an wasteful attitude is manifasted in the public through a variety of behaviour that expose wasteful attitude. Many people are increasingly concerned with money and posessions, or become more materialistic. It stimulate them to buy things like a warm sophisticated gadgets in the market. By following the latest fashions,they are washing their money. Example of such gadgets by something beyond,an example of such gadgets is iphone6 plus. This saphesticated mobile phone is not very different from  ordinary mobile phones. However, there are many people who are willing to queu to get these gadgets. Sometimes without any reason at all,they wasting their money.

Money is normally the fruit of labour. The question is how someone spends that money enough and enough to spare. There is nothing good or evil about money but it will have be seen when people use it in a wasting or useful way. Money can be used morally or immorally. A morally strong man may not use money in evil ways.

Ramdhan, Syawal and Me

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I would like to share my story about Ramadhan Syawal and me,every years my family and me fasting and goes taraweh prayer at mosque together,event my parent busy at work place.Young brother and me always go to bazaar Ramadhan for buying little food for iftar.When school holidays,family and i back to my village at MELAKA,i so happy because i can meet my grandmother and grandfather.Not just this,I can fast and iftar with my big family.On 2014,my grandmother passed away and my Ramadhan not liked every years.I feel so sad because i cannot fast and iftar with my grandmother liked past years Ramadhan.I still remember,last Ramadhan my grandmother i look her very happy.I always remember,I bring water for her every time.On 2015,I continue my studies at KPTM KUANTAN.At my college I get Human Resource Management course.I feel happy and the sometimes I feel sad because i away with family.

First day,I fasting and iftar with my new friends together at college.I spend on my in feet,and first time I leave at hostel in my life.When I fast and iftar with my friends together I be more machet.In orientions, I learning more things about descipline and moral value.A few day gone,the day by day Syawal is coming.And first time I back to KUALA LUMPUR board bus.I feel so nervous and excited to board the bus.This is my experience in my life.

First Syawal,family and I goes to mosque for prayer.After prayer,family and I visit to grave my grandmother.The something i like is when celebrate with my big family,more food in the morning Syawal.Food I like eats is redang,ketupat and lemang my grandfather.Every Syawal,my grandfather making lemang so delicious.On Hari Raya,forgive is importants for all muslim in world.

Ramadhan Syawal and me

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  • Name: nadia nabila yusaini
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         I would like to share a short story that I wrote for my blog about Ramadhan Syawal and Me. Ramadhan is the ninth month of muslim calendar. The month for all muslim have to fasting. As we know this year of Ramadhan's was date on 18th June 2015 on the first day of Ramadhan, I have to woke up early in the morning for sahur. I'm so happy because my family and I were gathering together for sahur. Then, we broke our fasting at 7.30 p.m. when azan maghrib was heard. I had ate a lots of food. After that, we get ready for tarawih prayer. The next day, on 20th June 2015 I was registered at KPTM Kuantan for continued my study in Diploma Human Resources. I was join the orientation with my new friend from the other country as the programmed for student semester 1. It was tested day for me to orientation on fasting month because I had to do some activities without eating and drinking while through the hot day.
           The day by day, I was fasting for 14 days. While I was studying, I had a called from my mom. She told to me that my grandma was on emergency warded because of her cancer. I quickly met the hostel warden for excused to stay at home for a few days. The time too fast. On 13th July 2015 a week before we celebrated Eid Mubarak, my grandma was passed way. It was bad memories for me.

Memories with grandma that  I will never forget. 

One day, everyone will passed away and leave this world.

           Every year, after one month of fasting. Muslim celebrate Hari Raya Puasa which falls in the month of Syawal. All muslims celebrate the day with the great joy. In the morning, I go to the mosque to pray. Then returning home, I enjoy a lots of delicious, variety and mouth watering food. Such as lemang, ketupat which must to go on with rendang. Hari Raya was interesting event because all of the mistake and hatred were been forgive and forget.

I wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya !

Ramadhan,Syawal and me....!!

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Name:Ahmad Zulfaqar Bin Kamisran
Id Number:PTM150709801

       Assalamualaikum and good morning..My name is Ahmad Zulfaqar Bin Kamisran..My friend just call me Faqar..I was born in Segamat,Johor...When I am in 3 years my family was transfer to Dungun,Terengganu and my family stay there until now..I create this blog just want to sharing my moment in Ramadhan and Syawal...

        In 30th Syaaban,at that night my family and I went to mosque to perform our Tarawih...After finished,Ustaz Malik lecture to all jamaah about celebrated Ramadhan for one month..He also making a schedule for an activities that will going at the mosque for a month..After that,at tomorrow my family and i sahur at 4.30..In the morning after praying subuh in jamaah,i went to outside my house and i saw a sunrise..suddently my heart felt miss to leave my home because i will go to KPTM KUANTAN two day more..i only can felt fasting with my family just in three day and just iftar twice with my family..so sad..hmmmm...i will miss it..but i cant do anything and just accept the terms of the divine...In third day of Ramadhan,my parents and i went to KPTM KUANTAN for register..So i will continue my fast here after this..At first day at here,we undergo a four-day orientation..but i stay happy even i undergo a orientation in Ramadhan month..but in this Ramadhan i was disappointed with myself cause i cannot praying tarawih in fully..i think this year was so bad from last year..i m sorry Allah..

         After one month of fasting,we are ready to celebrate Eidel Fitri..two day before Eidel Fitri,my cousin from Kuantan took me at KPTM KUANTAN at 15th june in the morning..She and her son and daughter will with me together back to our village while my family will move at this night because my family will go directly to our village at Ulu Belitong in Kluang while my cousin and me will going to Jasin first to took my another cousin at there to join us back to Ulu Belitong at tomorrow morning..In first Syawal,after take a sunnat bath all of Muslimin went to mosque to perform solat Eidil Fitri and listening Khutbah after finish praying..After that,we back to home to take a breakfast together..After that,all of my family took appologise from each other start from my grandmother..i think in my live,this is the first time i was crying when i ask appologise from my parents..i cant saw at their eye when we was in conversation at that time..i say sorry to my parents cause i cant be a good son and be an exemplary to my siblings..after that day i promised myself to change my attitude..i will be a good son for you mum and dad..i will !! Never give up !! Thats all from me for today..thanks for reading my article..may Allah bless you all..Thats all thank you...

Ramadhan, Syawal and Me

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ID NO : PTM150709804

               Assalamualaikum and hai everyone ! My name is Aqmar . I further my study at Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Kuantan in Diploma Human Resource and Management. Now I in the first semester. Today I would like to share with you an entry about my experience during Ramadhan and Syawal .

               Ramadhan is the ninth month of the Muslim Calendar. During this month, Muslim will fast from the first day of Ramadhan until the last day. On this year, I only have two days fasting with my beloved family. On the third Ramadhan untill the last month, I fasting at KPTM Kuantan.This is the first year that I'm not fastimg with my family. Challenges that I have to faced is when my class is on the Ramadhan. The weather also hot and made me felt tired easily. During Ramadhan, I always bought food from Bazaar Ramadhan that located near my college. One of my favourite, menu during Ramadhan is Murtabak. But actually, no one can beat my mom's recipe. I am also having iftar with my friends around the college and at Padang MPK Kuantan.  As a Muslim I must admit that Ramadhan is a time when Muslim learned about how to be thankful for what they have and be more patient. Before I go with my second story, I want to share with you a poem.

Ramadhan, here you are with us again
The month of bleesing, the month brings good and bad Muslim together
Ramadhan, the lessons you taught us will never forgetten
Ramadhan, we look forward to seeing you in a fettle

This the view before Iftar at Padang MPK Kuantan.

               Syawal is the month where all Muslim over the world celebrated Eid Mubarak. It was like a symbol of achievement after fasting for a month during Ramadhan. In Malaysia, we called it as Hari Raya. On 17th July 2015 is the first day of Syawal. I celebrated with my family at Mersing, Johor. My mom cooked our usuall menu during Hari Raya such as curry chicken, lemang, ketupat, rendang and daging masak kampung. But the most delicious and being a favourite is curry chicken. Our theme colour for this year is red. On the first day, me and my family visiting other relatives families around Mersing. Meanwhile, on the second day, our other relatives came to our house. They came from Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, and Pahang. I'm happy because our big family can being together during Hari Raya. Not like usuall they always busy with work and school. This year was different because they came to my house, not like the past year where we must go to my uncle house that located at Kuala Lipis, Pahang. In my opinion, Syawal is the great month to celebrated with our family. Why don't you spend your time during this month to be with your family and relatives. Forget all about your work and school for a while, than you can know what is 'Hari Raya' actually means. Syawal also the time for us to seek for a forgiveness. We must forgiving each other, so our relationship can be continued forever. Before I pen off, I want to share with you a poem about Eid Mubarak.

Our Eid has come,
To bring us peace and love.
We muslim came together
Share our care and believe

Happy Eid Mubarak guys :)

15 Aug 2015

Ramadhan,Syawal and Me

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Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone!
 My name is Nurul Huda binti Mohd Jaaffril and I created this blog to shared about my experience during Ramadhan and I loved to write about it,so here we go!

On the month of Ramadhan, it holds special importance since the Quran,the Holy Book of the Muslims,was revealed to the Prophet during Ramadhan. Furthermore,fasting is recognised by Muslims around the world as one of the five pillars of Islam.

Not forget to mention my first and second day fasting makes me happy because I got a chance having a iftar with a family and of course my mom cooked my favourite meals for me. On 20th June 2015 which is third day of Ramadhan I had to continued my studies at Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Kuantan. Honestly, I dont want to separated from my family especially my mom in this Holy month because I loved to perform Taraweeh together with her. As expected,I got new friends,new room and new life. When I suhoor,iftar and perform taraweeh, the situation not the same as at home. I am really missed my family so badly.
My new friends in KPTM

 When Syawal come closer, I decided to go back home by bus. My family and I went back to hometown the day before Eid. We celebrated EidulFitri on 17th Jily 2015 at Bukit Payong,Kuala Terengganu.On this day,Muslims are forbidden from fasting because 1st Syawal is the day of victory for all Muslims around the world after a month of fasting.
My family and I wearing a new outfit with pink and blue colour theme. The best part of EidulFitri is must be the foods. Other than nasi dagang,nasi impit,ketupat and rendang.
Then, my family were invited me  to visiting our relatives  and of course I got "duit raya" from my relatives because  I was the youngest among my siblings. After that,we visited my grandfather and my grandmother graves reciting surah yassin for both of them.

1st Syawal

2nd Syawal

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is interesting event because all of the mistakes and hatred are been forgives and forget.Each of my family members would apologize to each other either older or younger includes my family.
In conclusion, I like to celebrated Hari Raya Aidilfitri with my family and the other members and it was a sweet memory for me.

14 Aug 2015

Ramadhan,Syawal & Me

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Name : Nurul Faezah Binti Abdul Aziz
ID NO : PTM150709812

        18th June 2015 was the first day of Ramadhan for this year that all muslims spent that time fasting during the daylight hours from dawn to sunset. Fasting during the month of Ramadhan is one of the five pillars of Islam.

        It is same goes to me. My family and I woke up early in the morning to take our meals before dawn and that is call “sahur”. The first sahur would be the hardest thing to do because I need to wake up early and eat. The another day,I can wake up easily because this month had discipline ourselves. In the evening,my sister and I went to the bazaar. There are many types of food that we can find in bazaar. The favourite food that we bought at the bazaar was Murtabak. After we bought the murtabak and another food,we went home and help my mother to prepare for the iftar. At the night,we perform Terawih at the prayer-house near our house. Finished Terawih,we were busy in doing our preparation for celebrating Syawal. My mother made Ketupat,Rendang and another food for “Hari Raya”. My sister and I were making cookies until late night. Then we bought our new clothes and other things before Syawal.

        At the end of the month of fasting,muslims gather in large groups to perform the prayer of Eid al-Fitr. My father went to the mosque in the first morning of Eid al-Fitri to perform “Solat Sunat Hari Raya”. After “Takbir Raya” my family gather in living room to greet and apologized each other. Then we got our “Duit Raya”! After done,we visited our grandfather and grandmother’s graves. Finished visited the graves,we were visiting our neighbor’s house. My family also greet and apologized to our neighbor. Then we enjoyed the food served with tasteful.

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