15 Aug 2015

Ramadhan,Syawal and Me

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone!
 My name is Nurul Huda binti Mohd Jaaffril and I created this blog to shared about my experience during Ramadhan and I loved to write about it,so here we go!

On the month of Ramadhan, it holds special importance since the Quran,the Holy Book of the Muslims,was revealed to the Prophet during Ramadhan. Furthermore,fasting is recognised by Muslims around the world as one of the five pillars of Islam.

Not forget to mention my first and second day fasting makes me happy because I got a chance having a iftar with a family and of course my mom cooked my favourite meals for me. On 20th June 2015 which is third day of Ramadhan I had to continued my studies at Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Kuantan. Honestly, I dont want to separated from my family especially my mom in this Holy month because I loved to perform Taraweeh together with her. As expected,I got new friends,new room and new life. When I suhoor,iftar and perform taraweeh, the situation not the same as at home. I am really missed my family so badly.
My new friends in KPTM

 When Syawal come closer, I decided to go back home by bus. My family and I went back to hometown the day before Eid. We celebrated EidulFitri on 17th Jily 2015 at Bukit Payong,Kuala Terengganu.On this day,Muslims are forbidden from fasting because 1st Syawal is the day of victory for all Muslims around the world after a month of fasting.
My family and I wearing a new outfit with pink and blue colour theme. The best part of EidulFitri is must be the foods. Other than nasi dagang,nasi impit,ketupat and rendang.
Then, my family were invited me  to visiting our relatives  and of course I got "duit raya" from my relatives because  I was the youngest among my siblings. After that,we visited my grandfather and my grandmother graves reciting surah yassin for both of them.

1st Syawal

2nd Syawal

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is interesting event because all of the mistakes and hatred are been forgives and forget.Each of my family members would apologize to each other either older or younger includes my family.
In conclusion, I like to celebrated Hari Raya Aidilfitri with my family and the other members and it was a sweet memory for me.


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