18 Aug 2015

Ramadhan,Syawal and me....!!

Name:Ahmad Zulfaqar Bin Kamisran
Id Number:PTM150709801

       Assalamualaikum and good morning..My name is Ahmad Zulfaqar Bin Kamisran..My friend just call me Faqar..I was born in Segamat,Johor...When I am in 3 years my family was transfer to Dungun,Terengganu and my family stay there until now..I create this blog just want to sharing my moment in Ramadhan and Syawal...

        In 30th Syaaban,at that night my family and I went to mosque to perform our Tarawih...After finished,Ustaz Malik lecture to all jamaah about celebrated Ramadhan for one month..He also making a schedule for an activities that will going at the mosque for a month..After that,at tomorrow my family and i sahur at 4.30..In the morning after praying subuh in jamaah,i went to outside my house and i saw a sunrise..suddently my heart felt miss to leave my home because i will go to KPTM KUANTAN two day more..i only can felt fasting with my family just in three day and just iftar twice with my family..so sad..hmmmm...i will miss it..but i cant do anything and just accept the terms of the divine...In third day of Ramadhan,my parents and i went to KPTM KUANTAN for register..So i will continue my fast here after this..At first day at here,we undergo a four-day orientation..but i stay happy even i undergo a orientation in Ramadhan month..but in this Ramadhan i was disappointed with myself cause i cannot praying tarawih in fully..i think this year was so bad from last year..i m sorry Allah..

         After one month of fasting,we are ready to celebrate Eidel Fitri..two day before Eidel Fitri,my cousin from Kuantan took me at KPTM KUANTAN at 15th june in the morning..She and her son and daughter will with me together back to our village while my family will move at this night because my family will go directly to our village at Ulu Belitong in Kluang while my cousin and me will going to Jasin first to took my another cousin at there to join us back to Ulu Belitong at tomorrow morning..In first Syawal,after take a sunnat bath all of Muslimin went to mosque to perform solat Eidil Fitri and listening Khutbah after finish praying..After that,we back to home to take a breakfast together..After that,all of my family took appologise from each other start from my grandmother..i think in my live,this is the first time i was crying when i ask appologise from my parents..i cant saw at their eye when we was in conversation at that time..i say sorry to my parents cause i cant be a good son and be an exemplary to my siblings..after that day i promised myself to change my attitude..i will be a good son for you mum and dad..i will !! Never give up !! Thats all from me for today..thanks for reading my article..may Allah bless you all..Thats all thank you...


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