18 Aug 2015

Money is the root of all evil

What is money? I bet that everyone knows “money” very well. Money helps many people in buying and selling. Nowadays,money are needed  much. Some of people think, if they don’t have money,they can’t live happily. For them,money are 'almighty dollar'. Universally,acknowledge that we have all need money to live and survive. However,there are those who think that the money is the root of evil.

My opinion for money is the root of evil is money cause people change. First,this situation we can looks when people will able to do anything to get money. For example,we can see when robbery was happen. Maybe they having financial problems. So, to settle their problems, they will find any wayto solve that problems even they must conduct criminal matters such as rob,steal,groped pocket and killing purely to get some money.

 Material problems are due to have an unmanagable financial problems. If financial problems occuring in the family instituation financial, will necessarily cause problems at home. Husband and wife will offen quarrel because often short of money to pay rent, bills, buy daily necessities and so on and so can ultimately lead to divorce. Example, divorce cases in Malaysian had increased every year because of the financial problems that are not strong.

Attitudes wasteful spending can be defined as an wasteful attitude is manifasted in the public through a variety of behaviour that expose wasteful attitude. Many people are increasingly concerned with money and posessions, or become more materialistic. It stimulate them to buy things like a warm sophisticated gadgets in the market. By following the latest fashions,they are washing their money. Example of such gadgets by something beyond,an example of such gadgets is iphone6 plus. This saphesticated mobile phone is not very different from  ordinary mobile phones. However, there are many people who are willing to queu to get these gadgets. Sometimes without any reason at all,they wasting their money.

Money is normally the fruit of labour. The question is how someone spends that money enough and enough to spare. There is nothing good or evil about money but it will have be seen when people use it in a wasting or useful way. Money can be used morally or immorally. A morally strong man may not use money in evil ways.

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