9 Oct 2015




               Hi! I Nursyairah Fitriah Binti Shaifulbahri. I was the eldest of two sibblings, I do not have a sister or brother. I just have a little brother. My little brother named Muhammad Izuddin Bin Shaifulbahri and he 15 years old. My little brother school at SMK Bandar Tasik Selatan, Kuala  Lumpur. My younger brother active in sports at school. Within my age and my little brother four years.

              When my little brother newborn, as sister I feel very happy. My little brother so cute when he still baby. My brother was a kind, hard-working, loving and so on. I always spendtime with my little brother. If we have problems, we often share common problems and solve the problem together. He was also active in sports. A sports field in love is football. He is very much involved in the game of football. My little brother also has the habit of reading like novel book. We have a lot of similarities among favourite foods. Our favourite food is western foods.

            In every school holiday, my little  brother and I used to go out together like shopping together, playing bowling, badminton and so on. My little brother was everything to me, I also thought of my little brother as my own bestfriends. And now, I'm away from my little brother because I continued my studies at Kuantan, Pahang. Before I go continue my studies in Pahang. I felt very sad at having to be away from my little brother. While we were away, my younger brother always called me and asked how i'm. When I holiday, I will spendtime more with my younger brother than my school friends.

            While we often quarrel, we are very loving of each other. My little brother always give supporting on me in anytime and any situation. That is the only little brother I have. I love my younger brother and I hope he will be a successful man.


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