9 Oct 2015




              I have bestfriends, name my bestfriends is Nuraqmar, Dian, Zaty, Syarifah Syahirah, and Syahirah Nabila . Syarifah Syahirah and Syahirah Nabila is my bestfriends in high school. Whereas, Nuraqmar, Dian, and Zaty were bestfriends in college. We were very close, althought different family backgrounds.

              Many of memories with my bestfreinds at high school. We have become bestfreinds since we were in form five in SMK Bandar Tasik Selatan, Kuala Lumpur. We became bestfriends because we have the same personality and the same hobby. We often together during school. And we also often spendtime at school with study together. Among the memories that will never be forgotten is that we get excelent SPM result. We are between students the best in class and school. We are thrilled and overwhelmed. After we finish SPM, we split up and take their life course. While we are not like before, we still remember each other and still be connected.
            After completion of school, I enrolled in the diploma. I enrolled at Kolej Poly-Tech Mara, Kuantan, Pahang. That's where I started my bestfriends met in college. Nuraqmar roommate in college was my most closely. Even, Nuraqmar is my classmate. Dian and zaty also a friend of my dorm even though we're different classes. Every weekend we would spend time together hanging out together even in the room.

               I will not forget I have a lot of friends to help and advise me if I was in trouble. They often provide tutoring if I do not know. That's called "bestfriends" always be with us in our time of thick and thin. I love my bestfriends.




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